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Re: Releasing manuals less often, ditching translations


If the team is inactive for two years ... "the train has gone far away". The
.04 release sounds good to me, the Google Τraslator sucks for lengthy texts
so... let this job for translators :P.
Obviously what the team need is *more people* to work as editors and others
posts, so the machine called project don't stop working. After the release
of first edition there was a huge interest from volunteers but I'm not sure
if many of them became part of the team because there was an inactivity. So
for me the FIRST goal for the project should be to attract more people. So
inform community that we need fresh members. There are so many blogs out
there -others wide spread and others not- that cover every detail about the
upcoming release with reviews etc. There must be many people who do that
job, that want to become editors of any Ubuntu Manual.
We have to handle this crisis "gentle" and clever to make the project even
stronger now for better documentation.

I have to say that after the release of the Greek edition there were at
least 6 member (twice our previous team) of the Greek community sending me
emails about how they can contribute. People want to contribute but the
don't know how. So get things known !

Thank you for your time


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