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Re: Problems compiling the lucid-e2 pdf and with quickshot


Hi Kevin,
thank you for this quick response! I sent the last e-mail to kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, maybe you didn't receive it...

Thanks for telling me what the error is, I just run "bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual" like the website told me, so I will get lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2 later and hopefully compile it correctly ;)


Am 02.11.2010 23:00, schrieb Kevin Godby:
Hello, Jonas.

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Jonas Endersch
<jonas.endersch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I sent this e-mail to Kevin a few days ago (at least the first part
about latex), but maybe anyone of you could help me with this problem,
You did? I'm sorry, I must've missed it.

I followed the instructions at ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved to install
TexLive from upstream, it even took over 9 hours to
install. The packages-script even found some missing packages, but
installed all missing ones. So it said I should be able to compile the
manual. Yay.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work.
»make ubuntu-manual-de.pdf« first told me:

bzr version-info --custom --template="\\\revinfo{{revno}}{{date}}">
po4a-translate --master-charset=utf8 -f latex -m main.tex -p po/de.po -l
ubuntu-manual-de.tex -k 0
Datei po/de.po existiert nicht.
make: *** [ubuntu-manual-de.tex] Fehler 9

(file po/de.po doesn't exist; make: *** [ubuntu-manual-de.tex] Error 9)

So I renamed the file »de-po.save« to »de.po«, but it doesn't really
work, too. Seems to build some tex files, but then:
Where did de-po.save come from?

According to<http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/files/head:/po/>,
there should be a de.po file in the repository.

bzr version-info --custom --template="\\\revinfo{{revno}}{{date}}">
po4a-translate --master-charset=utf8 -f latex -m main.tex -p po/de.po -l
ubuntu-manual-de.tex -k 0
               :109: (po4a::tex)
               Unbekannte Umgebung: »translatorcredits«
make: *** [ubuntu-manual-de.tex] Fehler 9

(unknown environment: »translatorcredits«; [...] Error 9)
Aha. You have the maverick branch, not the lucid-e2 branch.  (The
translatorcredits environment is brand new in the maverick branch, so
the lucid-e2 translation system doesn't know about it.)

Running 'bzr info' should confirm which branch you're using.

To acquire the lucid-e2 branch, you can run 'bzr branch
lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2'.  Within the new lucid-e2 directory, you
can try running 'make ubuntu-manual-de.pdf' again.

I just compiled ubuntu-manual-de.pdf here (for the lucid-e2 branch)
and it generated the PDF. There are some errors that need be fixed,
however.  (You can see the errors by looking in ubuntu-manual-de.pdf
for lines that start with !.)

Moreover, I have some problems with Quickshot. I tried the Live-CD on
ubuntu-manual.org, but it couldn't connect to the server and the latest
version asks für server data, but I don't know what I should insert
The old Quickshot server isn't working properly at the moment.  We're
working to move everything over to the new Quickshot server (and
you'll be able to use the new Quickshot program, too).