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Meeting summary


Hi everyone,

This morning we had a team meeting and here is the summary of what we talked about.

In the upcoming week we should focus on:

* Compiling a comprehensive list of changes from the lucid manual and checking that these are in the maverick manual, if they aren't then adding them. The list can be worked on here:


* Promoting the manual project in the next few weeks to gain some more contributors and get help with the changers that need to be made, including the capturing of new screenshots.

* Discussing the translation structure and format, whether we want to continue with translations for every release, or whether we should switch to only translating the LTS manuals, or some other idea.

That should keep us busy for a week until our next meeting which will take place at the same time next Friday, that is 2100 UTC. In that meeting we will be primarily focused on our team, including the structure, roles of people, our goals for this release and beyond.

Please keep working on the maverick branch as we need to get that out as soon as we can, other than that I'll see you all in the irc channel throughout the week or at the meeting next weekend. 

Meeting logs as always can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com


Benjamin Humphrey


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