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ubuntugeek.com advertisement


Hello all,

on the ubuntugeek.com there is an advertisement about our manual as you can
see (for example at [1] and [2]). If you request the "Complete Beginner's
Manual" (yeah it is our manual Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 !) the site
ask you for more personal info as you can see [3]. They use the project's
free available manual to take information from their site's visitors. I
don't like this situation so I think we should do something against those
who take advantage of the manual (in a bad way always). We can send an email
about our concern to their contact team.

[2] http://ubuntugeek.tradepub.com/free/w_ubun01/
[3] http://ubuntugeek.tradepub.com/free/w_ubun01/prgm.cgi

c7p on freenode

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