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Re: "Reigniting the project" meeting


Hello people,
 it came down to me that I had an e-book regarding project management
somewhere on my hard-drive (Reflections on Management). I had some free time
so it was a good chance to read a part of it regarding the efficiency of a
project so i highlighted the most relevant sentences to team situation and
here they are http://typewith.me/c6QnDtVHp6 .
These notes can me the framework of discussion that will take place at
meeting, plus the ideas that will be heard. The contents of the page can be
very helpful and I think you will the same opinion after reading them. I
recommend you to read the page and also if you have any ideas write them
down on the above pad or on http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/zqYcMRpqWX .


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