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Feedback on the manual


Hi, I just got done reading the manual.  It makes a great intro for true beginners, even people without prior computing experience.  It's less helpful to a guy like me, who's coming to Linux from Windows--but then, I'm not really the target audience, so the manual can hardly be faulted for that.

I noticed a couple small things that might be worth making quick changes to.

On page 31, it uses i.e. incorrectly: "plac a dot (.) in frontof the name (i.e., ".Personal Finances")."  The sentence seems to be using it as an abbreviation for "for example", but what it's really looking for is e.g.  i.e. is short for "that is" and wouldn't make sense there.

On page 143, the word "first" got used twice right up against each other, pretty awkwardly: "But first, we'll first discuss the technologies...."  This looks to be an artifact from an edit somewhere along the way, no big deal, but I thought you might want to know.

I'm not meaning to criticize for the sake of criticizing--I love Ubuntu, what it stands for, and what you guys are doing.  It's Ubuntu, after all, that finally weaned me off Windows after all these years.


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