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Hello Adnane,

I want to report a small problem with the choice of the Dutch language. By default it appears in the Language box when you go to www.ubuntu-manual.org. When you click Download now you get the English version. What I do is this: I change Language to English, then change it back to Dutch and then I get the Dutch version. There are people who have complained on our forum that they can only get the English version and that half of the Dutch page is in English. I'm sure that, when you get back to work, you will put the Dutch translation of the website text on the site. We have put a link to the Dutch page on our wiki, together with a small description.

There is also a link on ubuntu-nl (Documentation + Support).
http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/ (Handleiding = Manual)
http://ubuntu-nl.org/ondersteuning (Ondersteuning = Support; Aan de slag met Ubuntu = Getting started with Ubuntu)


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