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Re: Dutch page website


Hi hannie:)

sorry for that, i'll try fix this ASAP, the problem is that i can't update
it, i don't have access to the server, so i need to wait kevin, i hope i can
catch him to night so we can fix this issue.

2011/1/5 lafeber-dumoleyn2 <lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Adnane,
> I want to report a small problem with the choice of the Dutch language. By
> default it appears in the Language box when you go to
> www.ubuntu-manual.org. When you click Download now you get the English
> version. What I do is this: I change Language to English, then change it
> back to Dutch and then I get the Dutch version.
> There are people who have complained on our forum that they can only get
> the English version and that half of the Dutch page is in English.
> I'm sure that, when you get back to work, you will put the Dutch
> translation of the website text on the site.
> We have put a link to the Dutch page on our wiki, together with a small
> description.
> http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/community/Vertaalteam/Ubuntu-handleiding
> There is also a link on ubuntu-nl (Documentation + Support).
> http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/ (Handleiding = Manual)
> http://ubuntu-nl.org/ondersteuning (Ondersteuning = Support; Aan de slag
> met Ubuntu = Getting started with Ubuntu)
> Regards,
> Hannie

Adnane Belmadiaf