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Ubuntu Manual Team Regular Meeting Minutes - 2011-03-26


The Ubuntu Manual Team held a regular meeting in #ubuntu-manual on
March 26, 2011 at 15:10 UTC.

In attendance were:
* godbyk (Chair, Minutes)
* c7p (Minutes)
* hannie
* rickfosb (Rick Fosburgh, editor in chief applicant)
* Teotw (Daniel Duncan, editor in chief applicant)
* popey
* daker
* MichealH (Micheal Harker, project leader applicant)
* beginer
* m4n1sh
* jasono - (Jason Odoom, project leader applicant)
* shrini

Since we only had two applicants for the 'project leader' role, we
discussed and decided to abandon the project leader role and instead
create a marketing and recruiting team that both applicants would
join.  The two applicants, Jason Odoom and Micheal Harker, agreed.
The team's primary goals are to promote and publicize the project and
to attract and recruit new team members.

Next, we reviewed the emails and resumes submitted by the editor in
chief applicants.  Two applicants, Rick Fosburgh (rickfosb) and Daniel
Duncan (Teotw) were in attendance and answered questions from the
other meeting attendees.

We held an election for the editor in chief role.  We used the
instant-runoff voting method
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting).  The following
votes were cast (names listed in order of preference):
* Fosburgh Burgos Duncan Humnabadkar
* Fosburgh Duncan Burgos Humnabadkar
* Fosburgh Duncan Burgos Humnabadkar
* Duncan Fosburgh Burgos Humnabadkar
* Fosburgh Duncan Burgos Humnabadkar
* Duncan Fosburgh Humnabadkar Burgos
* Duncan Fosburgh Burgos Humnabadkar

With 7 people voting, a majority is 4 or more votes.  Since Fosburgh
had 4 first-preference votes, he is the winner of the election.

We discussed the Maverick edition.  shrini agreed to download the
latest version of Quickshot and work with the Quickshot developers to
test it and write documentation for its use.

Finally, during the next two weeks, we will be reviewing the changes
required to update the manual for Natty.  Required changes should be
logged at <https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ar0Z6vOO38EydGZpcDhRbkR0eTd5aEg3TGxRUi1raVE&hl=en&authkey=CM6-6tsL>

The meeting adjourned at 16:53 UTC.  The log of the meeting is located
at <http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/26/%23ubuntu-manual.html#t20:10>.

The next meeting will occur in about two weeks and will be scheduled
later this week.

—Kevin Godby

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