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New Ubuntu Manual Team members


Hello, everyone.

In late 2009, Benjamin Humphrey founded the Ubuntu Manual Project and
served as its leader until late 2010.  As project leader, Ben handled
much of the marketing and recruiting efforts for the project. In
addition, he served as the de factor editor in chief for the first two
editions of the manual.

While searching for a suitable replacement, we decided to split Ben's
responsibilities into two roles: a marketing/recruiting leader and an
editor in chief.

Since we only had two applicants for the 'project leader' role, we
discussed and decided to abandon the project leader role and instead
create a marketing and recruiting team that both applicants would
join.  The two applicants, Jason Odoom (jasono) and Micheal Harker
(MichaelH), agreed.

The marketing/recruitment team's primary goals are to promote and
publicize the project and to attract and recruit new team members.

We also received four applicantions for the editor in chief role.
After reviewing the applications and chatting with the two applicants
in attendance, we took a vote.  Rick Fosburgh (rickfosb) won the
majority of votes and will be the editor in chief for Getting Started
with Ubuntu 11.04.

In addition to all of the duties you'd expect of an editor (checking
spelling, grammar, style, etc.), Rick will be working with the rest of
the team to ensure that the manual is released in a timely fashion.

Please help us welcome our Jason, Michael, and Rick to our team.

—Kevin (godbyk) and John (c7p)

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