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Re: Translating the manual


All chapter authors have the same period of time to complete the manual and
the writing of all chapters stops simultaneously on the "string freeze"
I've worked on the Greek translated manual, we finished translations in one
month and plus two weeks that we needed for proofreading and Editor stuff
-although it took much longer to publish the manual because it was the first
translated manual to be released and there were many trivial things that
were obstacles to the manual publishing, but hopefully these obstacles
doesn't exist-.

Working with my language's translation team, i understood that everything
was a matter of organizing, planning. If you create a team of five
translators or more with the continuous contact and chapter assignation you
can do more job that you can imagine :).

When the translations for natty will start officially i will send a mail to
the list about my recommendations for the whole translation process.

Thank you for your time
c7p @ freenode