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10.10 Maverick Manual Freeze Date Announced - 11.04 Natty Ubuntu Manual Milestones Announced



* At today's Ubuntu-Manual meeting, a string freeze for the Maverick 10.10
Ubuntu Manual was set for *May 14, 2011*.
*All Maverick Authors and Editors* should be in the mode of completing their
final revisions in anticipation of this date.  If you need assistance in
completing your Maverick content or copy edits, please email me.

* At the same meeting, Milestones for the upcoming Natty 11.04 Ubuntu Manual
were announced.

Natty Milestone Description Date
M0 Natty Branch Active
M1         lock down what needs to change (1 week)
M2         all sections are in, at least with stub content (week 5)
M3         copy writing complete (week 10)
M4         content freeze (copyediting / screenshots done) (week 13)
M5          release (final bug testing done) (week 15)

Obviously, the team would like to pull these dates forward and will, based
on content completion.

While I have made the 11.04 assignments, there is still plenty of work that
can be done.
Do not hesitate to reach out to anyone on the team with suggestions.

** 11.04 Authors, you need not wait for the Natty Branch activation
date!* You may begin your content preparations now.  You may work with
your Editor
coordinate beginning now.  And, as always, for questions or concerns, please
see me.

And, Thanks to all for helping to get us to the Maverick Freeze Date.

Rick Fosburgh

rickfosb - Editor in Chief

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