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Meeting Minutes - 1 May 2011


Minutes of the General Meeting of the Ubuntu Manual Team

Date of meeting: 1 May 2011

Location: #ubuntu-manual on irc.freenode.net

Meeting logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/05/01/%23ubuntu-manual.html#t21:08

* godbyk (chair)
* ChrisWoollard* (minutes)
* c7p* (minutes)
* rickfosb (editor in chief)
* Hannie
* IlyaHaykinson
* CrustyBarnacle
* JasonO
* Teotw

Kevin Godby called the meeting to order at 20:08 UTC.

Screenshot resolution update

Currently the screenshots are taken at a resolution of 1024×768.  This
generates screenshots that can take up a lot of space on the page.
godbyk offered to create a PDF that shows the screenshots being
limited to the width of the primary text block (as opposed to the full
page width).  This PDF may be viewed at

We need to decide if we want to limit the screenshots to this width or
if they look better at their original width.

Maverick edition

The string freeze for the Maverick edition has been set for 14 May
2011.  After the string freeze, a translation template file will be
uploaded to Launchpad so that translation teams may begin work.  The
final preparations will then be made and the Maverick edition will be

Chris Woollard will review the contributors list and add a past
contributors section.  The current contributors will be listed at the
top (with roles/titles) and the past contributors below (names only).
Translation editors will be listed in the English edition. Individual
translators will be listed in their translated edition only. Chris
will also alphabetize the contributors' names.

Natty edition

The current chapter assignments may be viewed at
<http://bit.ly/gG59j7>.  Rick Fosburgh will check in with the authors
and editors regularly to assess the progress of each chapter and
determine if more authors and editors are required.

The following timeline was established for the Natty edition:

* Milestone 1: lock down what needs to change (1 week)
* Milestone 2: all sections are in, at least with stub content (week 5)
* Milestone 3: copywriting down (week 10)
* Milestone 4: content freeze (copyediting / screenshots done) (week 13)
* Milestone 5: release (final bug testing done) (week 15)

The natty bazaar repository will be created by Kevin Godby as soon as
the Maverick edition has been finalized.

E-book and other formats

We've had some requests for additional formats including a Kindle
e-book and a large-print edition.  Kevin Godby will test different
formats for generating a Kindle-compatible PDF and a large-print
edition.  Additional e-book formats and HTML formats will likely
neccessitate using a different source format than TeX (such as
Docbook).  This source format change will be explored and implemented
for the Ocelot edition.

Prologue questions

piratemurray had some questions about the prologue chapter.  Rick will
email him the responses.

Quick reference

Hannie proposed that we include a quick reference in the manual to
help new users find their way around Unity.  Links to some existing
Natty guides were posted including
and <http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/natty/>.  Hannie will do some research
on the existing guides to see if they sufficiently meet this need.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:41 UTC.

--Kevin Godby

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