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Synopsis of UDS-O notes regarding Ubuntu Manual


Hello All,
Just did a brief summary of items related to the Manual regarding the notes
taken at UDS-O, here they are:
Doc Team Goals for the 11.10 release Synopsis:  Adapted for
Create effective user help for Ubuntu users, contributors, and developers
for all platforms, and make Ubuntu an attractive and functional platform for
technical communicators.

   - Have the documentation cover all areas of Ubuntu (cloud, server,
   desktop) in as many formats as possible (local, epub, wiki, etc.) - Maybe
   compile ePub version for Kindle?
   - Help (docs) is to be released at same timing of Ubuntu release
   - Ensure manual covers accessibility (friendly to people with
   - Keep in contact with upstream projects to ensure their software is well
   documented, as necessary, in the manual.
   - Keep the Manual consistent with the Docs. Make sure the directions in
   both for a related task or topic are in like terms.
   - Ensure readability and grammar/writing styles are consistent.
   - Document Unity and how to switch between it and Unity 2D, document
   other changes like that.
   - Ubuntu-Manual should work with Ubuntu-Docs more to save time of writing
   chapters, adapt the help guides to a friendlier documentation/book style.

User Assistance portion

   - Speed up translation cycles, try to get most of translation done before
   beta release. Automated Translation integration?
   - Focus on User Assistance in docs, or alternative uses for an
   application, IE: remote desktop, ubuntu one, etc.

Hope this helps! find the original notes here:

Best Regards,
Steven Richards
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