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Ubuntu Manual: Chapter and Section Notices



I've sent out the initial notices to the Chapter and Section teams.

As follows:
Chapter	                       Authors
Prologue	                       Mez Pahlan	
Hannie Dumoleyn

Installation	                       Krishnaswamy Subramanian
                                       Micheal Harker"	
        Mario Burgos

Ubuntu Desktop                Chen Liang
  Josh Blair
                                       Allistair Munroe
      Unity:                        Dan Pullan

Working with Ubuntu	       Shrinivasan, T	                         Isabell Long

Hardware and Preferences	Chen Liang
Christopher A. Weigle
                                        Daniel Duncan
                                        Chris Woollard

Software Management	Alexander Lancey	                  Varun Kashyp

Troubleshooting	                Mario Burgos	
Florian Monfort
Advanced Topics	        Patrick Dickey	
Learning More	                Bryan Behrenshausen	           Hannie Dumoleyn
--	--	--
Glossary	Chris Woollard	RickFosb
Index		Chris Woollard   RickFosb

I've also gotten some recent emails and there is plenty to be done. If
you are not listed, and want to be,
Get with me and I'll find you a task!



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