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Maverick edition released and next steps for translators, authors, and editors


Hello, everyone.

In this email I will outline information useful for translators,
authors, and editors for both the newly released Maverick edition and
for the newly created Natty edition.


I've released Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10.  You may download a
copy of the PDF from our website <http://ubuntu-manual.org/>.  You may
also purchase a printed and bound copy from Lulu via


I've uploaded the translation template (.pot) file to Launchpad.  It's
currently under review but should be available shortly.  Once it's
available, you may start translating the Maverick edition at

You may continue to translate the Lucid editions (first or second):

  Lucid - first edition:
  Lucid - second edition:

The Natty edition is not yet available for translation.  Once we've
hit the string freeze, I will send out another email to let you know
that you may begin translating the Natty edition.

If you've finished translating one of the editions, please email me
and I will work with you to release the PDF and print versions.  I can
also help you track down compilation bugs and the like.

If your language does not yet have a translation editor listed at
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-manual/TranslationEditors> and you
would like to volunteer for the role, please email me.  The
translation editor is responsible for providing the final go-ahead to
publish the translated manual and helps coordinate the translation
efforts for that language.


I've created a Bazaar branch for the Natty edition.  You may pull the
branch with:

  bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual/natty

I've renamed a few of the directories to reflect the chapter titles.
I've also moved a few files to the frontmatter and backmatter
directories.  You can look in the main.tex file for pointers.  If you
can't find something or have problems compiling the manual, please let
me know.

You may begin editing the files and committing them to the code
repository.  Before you commit your code, please run 'make' to build
the PDF and ensure that you haven't introduced syntax errors into the

If anyone has any questions or runs into any problems, please feel
free to email the list, myself, our editor in chief Rick, or ask for
help in the IRC channel (#ubuntu-manual on Freenode).

Thanks for all your hard work!

--Kevin Godby

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