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Commodore 64x manual


Hey, guys.

I write to Commodore USA about their use of our manual.  I asked if
they would like help creating a custom version for their page size and
also asked if they'd had any feedback about our manual.  Here's the
response I received:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Harry S Hawk
Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 1:17 PM
Subject: Re: Commodore 64x manual
To: kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Barry Altman

Dear Kevin,
Thanks for your email. We can confirm that we printed the 10.10 manual
for the current batch of Commodore VIC and C64x products.
My understanding is that the side notes and captions were removed as
they didn't fit the form factor as you surmised.
We are just now starting to get feedback on the product as of date we
have not received any specific feedback on the manual. We are pleased
that you are interested in how our customers are responding to the
manual and we will certainly forward any feedback. I will also let you
know if we plan to do any additional print runs, etc. and we would
certainly welcome your input at that time.
Thanks for your email and please stay in touch,
Harry S. Hawk

> From: Kevin Godby <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: July 31, 2011 5:47:27 PM EDT
> Subject: Commodore 64x manual
> Hello.
> Recently, Bryan Behrenshausen (CC'd) sent me the following YouTube
> video showing the unboxing of a Commodore 64x.
>    http://youtu.be/ejnMwDr3-zs
> Bryan noted that Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.10 was included in the
> C64x manual and I noticed that it appeared (though it's hard to tell
> for sure) that the side notes and captions may have been cropped so
> that the manual would fit onto the page size you're using.
> As the book designer for the Ubuntu manual, I wanted to offer my
> assistance in generating a custom edition of the manual that's
> designed for your page size.
> In addition, we plan on releasing Getting Started with Ubuntu 11.04 in
> the next few months.  (Hopefully, we'll be back on track for a more
> timely release of the 11.10 edition of the manual.)  We'd love to hear
> any feedback you've received from those who have read through the
> manual—spots that should be more clear or require more explanation,
> missing topics, and even what they did find helpful.
> The members of the Ubuntu Manual Project are always thrilled to see
> our work put to good use!  Thanks!
> --Kevin Godby

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