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Temporarily leaving the Ubuntu Community [2011-0.5X2012]



 I will be *temporarily* <http://www.thefreedictionary.com/temporarily>leaving
the Ubuntu community beginning September first. The reason for this is
because I want to focus on all the tests that I will be taking this year.
These tests are very important and I don't want to be busy with the Ubuntu
community (even though I love the Ubuntu community :P). As far as my
schedule is for the rest of the year, Prep will be on Saturdays and most
Holidays.... You will still see me on IRC (sometimes) and GTalk. I will be
filtering all my Ubuntu  related emails to pass my Inbox starting September
first. Ubuntu related as in mailing list related, so any email received from
individuals will go through.

*Phill*: Yes I still want to work with/learn PHP with that University but
I'm not the only one working with them so I guess robotman would be doing
it. Unless he waits for me, which will be a waste of his time?

*Ubuntu Manual (Rick): *I cannot promise to show up for meetings, but since
I have a job in marketing, it would be easy to publicize meeting dates and
what not. I will still be involved with the team in that way, so emailing me
what needs to be publicized would be nice (individually-remember the mailing
list filter please).

*Touchlay (Daniel): *I still want to be involved with Touchlay also, if you
need written Documentation just email me and let me know when, I can find
time in my schedule to do so. You can always remove me if you want.

*Novacut (Jason): *I can  do Documentation also, just email me and tell me
what/when and I will try to make time.

*Stlsaint (*Wanted to give you a *"*formal*"* "goodbye")." I emailed you
previously btw*. *

I don't want to be completely dead to these teams, if it helps, I can always
provide a link to my Google Calendar. But if I am a hazard to your
productivity you can always kick me out. I feel like I'm being redundant.I
don't think I'm missing anything... that's it.

*Main Idea: *I won't be working for you/with you because I have things to
take concentrate on. *I will be back.*


Jason Odoom

Sent from Ubuntu <http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop>.

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