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Over the past few weeks, we've been meeting fairly regularly to discuss the
Natty edition of the Ubuntu Manual.  If you've been following the email
strings, then you know that the team was quite conflicted about halting work
on Natty.  I would like to assure you that this decision was not taken
lightly.  However, after weighing all the options, the team made a decision
to proceed directly to Oneiric in the hopes to 'catch up' with the Ubuntu
release cycle.

We are also looking at 'publishing' the current PDF version for peer review
in an effort to bring in some additional editing and content help.  One of
the team members coined the phrase 'Drive By Authoring/Editing' to describe
the ability to allow the Ubuntu community at large to see the work in
progress, annotate mistakes, suggest additions, and provide content.  The
Die Hard editors and authors could then concentrate on providing LaTex
mark-up of the content, committing changes, and running the 'make' files.

I hope you will embrace our efforts to get the Oneiric Manual "out the door"
on time!

If you've been working on a specific chapter or section, you may continue to
do so.  The new branch is up.  You just need to get a fresh copy.  All your
old changes are still there; they just need to be updated for 11.10.

Thanks for you help and support.

Email to the team "Ubuntu Manual Team" <ubuntu-manual@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
for general questions, or to me for specifics.


Rick Fosburgh
Editor in Chief

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