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Re: Ubuntu-Manual: Oneiric


Hi Rick,
are we going to translate the Natty edition at all?

Am 20.09.2011 03:47 schrieb "Rick Fosburgh" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Team,
> Over the past few weeks, we've been meeting fairly regularly to discuss
> Natty edition of the Ubuntu Manual. If you've been following the email
> strings, then you know that the team was quite conflicted about halting
> on Natty. I would like to assure you that this decision was not taken
> lightly. However, after weighing all the options, the team made a decision
> to proceed directly to Oneiric in the hopes to 'catch up' with the Ubuntu
> release cycle.
> We are also looking at 'publishing' the current PDF version for peer
> in an effort to bring in some additional editing and content help. One of
> the team members coined the phrase 'Drive By Authoring/Editing' to
> the ability to allow the Ubuntu community at large to see the work in
> progress, annotate mistakes, suggest additions, and provide content. The
> Die Hard editors and authors could then concentrate on providing LaTex
> mark-up of the content, committing changes, and running the 'make' files.
> I hope you will embrace our efforts to get the Oneiric Manual "out the
> on time!
> If you've been working on a specific chapter or section, you may continue
> do so. The new branch is up. You just need to get a fresh copy. All your
> old changes are still there; they just need to be updated for 11.10.
> Thanks for you help and support.
> Email to the team "Ubuntu Manual Team" <ubuntu-manual@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> for general questions, or to me for specifics.
> rickfosb
> Rick Fosburgh
> Editor in Chief

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