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[Ubuntu Manual] Author and Editor Openings for "Getting Started with Ubuntu 11.10"


Hello team,

the project has halted the release of the 11.04 manual in order to catch the
11.10 release on time. One of the major problem of previous release was the
bulk of a whole chapter to fall on one or two authors. From this release and
on authors will be assigned to one or more sections, and not to a whole
chapter. The work will be divided in order to get this manual out in time.
By "on time" i mean to release the manual as soon as possible, at least in
the following 4-5 months.

If you are interested in becoming a chapter author or editor of the manual,
check http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs

If you could also spread the word by forwarding this mail, writing about it
on your blog, or on social media, that would be really helpful :).

Thank you for your time, best wishes for a successful new release *on time*

c7p @ freenode

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