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[Ubuntu Manual] What's the status of your chapter/section ?


Hey authors,

we are doing a great progress!  From what it seems the manual is almost
written !

>From the feedback of authors the following chapters are finished [1]:
Ubuntu Desktop
Software Managment

and the Working with Ubuntu chapter is almost finished -most of sections are
already done-.

Note that "Ubuntu Desktop" and "Working with Ubuntu", were the chapters that
needed the most work.

What we need now -in order to schedule the release of the manual-, is to
know what's missing from your chapter/section and when it will hardly be
finished. By the way if you can't cope with the work for various reasons,
which is natural to happen and it's not a bad thing, you can cooperate with
another author.

Authors that you think you are finished, put the finishing touches and then
shout "Finished !". When a chapter/section is marked as finished, it is
available to editors for proofread. I got many mails from editors asking to
work. Your turn editors is coming silently :D


ps1: If i've marked you as "Finished !" on [1] and you aren't let me know :)
ps2: cc your responses

Thank you for you time :D Enjoy your Weekend.


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