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[Ubuntu Manual] Proofreading begins !


Hello Editors !

We have many sections finished an it's your turn to push the manual, time
for proofreading !

What you should do as an editor ?

1)Proofread the text, correct any syntactical or grammatical mistakes
2)Make sure that the text corresponds to the reality, -e.g an author may
haven't change the a menu name, you'll have to do it-. This means that
you'll check if the process that is described is ok.
3*)If you find a paragraph that isn't understandable or it could be more
understandable with a few changes in sentences, you may change these

Not all chapters have been finished. Here is the chapters available for

   1. Ubuntu Desktop
   2. Working with Ubuntu
      -  Reading and Composing e-mails
      - Microblogging
      - Listening to Music
   3. Software Management
   4. Advanced topics

Authors, were given two ways to submit their work:

1. LaTeX code.  The manual is written in LaTeX.  They write the text using
our LaTeX markup and then they upload it directly to our bzr repository.
2. Plain text or LibreOffice document.  As an alternative for those authors
who don't know LaTeX (and aren't interested in learning), they could share
their work in a LibreOffice document. After you finish proofreading some of
our editors will covert it to LaTeX and upload it to the branch. There is an
Ubuntu Manual shared folder on UbuntuOne, where some authors share their

The Working with Ubuntu, the Software Management sections are in LibreOffice
format -which means we haven't converted them to tex format- on UbuntuOne
shared folder.
The Ubuntu Desktop, and Advanced Topics chapters in tex format, on our

How do i get started ?

1)Select the section, or chapter you want to work on.
2)If the section you want to proofread is:

   -  on our branch:

Don't get deterred from Latex code! It's like proofreading an webpage page
in html format. You don't even have to know our Latex markup code, you can
simply refer to http://kevin.godby.org/ubuntu-manual/talks/latex-handout.pdf if
you want to learn what a latex tag does. Instructions on how to get started

   - on UbuntuOne shared folder

1) Create an UbuntuOne account if you haven't one (-if you have a Launchpad
acc you are ok-)
2) Set up UbuntuOne for your machine

instructions for 1), 2) =>
https://one.ubuntu.com/help/tutorial/install-and-setup-ubuntu-one/ (the link
may be for 11.04 but it works for 11.10 too)

When you have done these let me know your UbuntuOne account (just let me
know the e-mail of the account). So we can move on the next step.

3)Write your name on the spreadsheet of manual contributors [1]

During the proofread process it's good to provide feedback, you can either
write in the spreadsheet [1] or send a mail to the list.

If you have any questions send them to the mailing list so as everyone can
see them.


Rick & John

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