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Re: Status manual 11.10 oct 27



@Kartyk: Who is/are finally the co-author/s ?

At the moment what we need most is editors. You can see on the spreadsheet
[1] which are the sections that need editors.
Then the sections that are to be finished shortly are the "Browsing the
web", "Ubuntu One" -if it isn't finished- and i guess the "Troubleshooting"
chapter if everything goes well. For the "Getting Online" minor changes need
to be done, if aren't done. Ryan ?
Also the "Installation" chapter must be finished from what i see.

Our current focus must be the proofreading of the manual, the manual is

To recap the sections/chapters that need proodreading are:

*The Ubuntu Desktop (it's a big chapter, i guess a second editor would be
*Viewing and Editing Photos
*Listening to Music
*Learning More

One problem is that we don't get enough feedback from editors.
@Editors: We need hear from you editors :), let us know what problems are
you facing, your questions, and the status of your work. Also you can write
in [1] about the status of your work.


2011/10/27 lafeber-dumoleyn2 <lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello John,
> In order to speed up things I would like to make a summary of what still
> needs to be done: (see 11.10 assignments)
> Chapter 1: installation    author: Mario Burgos    I think Mario finished
> this chapter, but I am not sure.
> Chapter 3: working with Ubuntu
> - Listening to music    author: Will Kromer    editor: ?    Remark: to be
> finished on Oct 26. Needs to be edited?
> - Getting Online    author/editor: Nishh    What's the status at the
> - Instant messaging    author: Tom Swartz    editor: Decaffienated46
> Status?
> - Ubuntu One    author: Simon Lewis    editor: ?    Status?
> Chapter 4: Hardware    author: Sayantan Das    Status?
> Chapter 7: Troubleshooting    author: Kartik Sulakhe    Status: not
> This chapter needs a co-author. Anthony Venable said he would like to help
> with Software management. That chapter is already finished, but perhaps he
> can help finishing this chapter.
> About a week ago I mentioned on this list that Prologue and Learning More
> are finished, so you can change their Status to finished.
> I have recently made a pdf file (ubuntu-manual.pdf)  from the latest tex
> files. If there are people out there who would like to have it in order to
> proofread, please let me know and I will send it to you.
> Regards,
> Hannie dumoleyn
> c7p schreef op wo 26-10-2011 om 01:34 [+0300]:
> Hello,
> Karry the author of the Troubleshooting chapter needs a co-author for
> the chapter, so as it's finished as soon as possible.
> Are you willing to help ? Feel free to request the information you want.
> --John
> c7p
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