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Online editing of the PDF


Hello, everyone.

For those who would like to help proofread the manual, but don't want
to edit the .tex files directly, I've uploaded a copy of the PDF and
you can mark up the changes online:


This is the first time we've experimented with this type of editing,
so please let me know if you encounter any problems.

I'll periodically merge the edits from that site into the .tex files
and then update the online PDF.  So if you see your comments disappear
at some point along the way, don't panic. It just means I've uploaded
a new draft of the PDF. Your edits will still be processed.

One final note: Please use the ubuntu-manual.org URL above instead of
the direct crocodoc.com link. This allows us to redirect you to the
latest draft PDF on crocodoc.com.

Thanks for all your help!

--Kevin Godby

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