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[Ubuntu Manual] What's left ?


Hello team,

we are doing great progress, if everything goes well the manual will
be released in this month!

So the things that need to be done are to:

1) Translate the following section to latex:

*Ubuntu One
*Using Software Center
*Additional Software

If you want to help, let me know the e-mail that you registered Ubuntu
One service, so you can have access to the Ubuntu Manual folder.

2) Finish the
*Troubleshooting chapter
*Browsing the web section
Kartyk, Ryan and Tom are working on "Troubleshooting" chapter to get
it finished asap. I'm working on the browsing the web section, it will
be finished and pushed to the branch tomorrow or in 2 days.

3) Proofread the whole book and especially the following :

*Software Management chapter
*Hardware and Preferences chapter

>From Working with Ubuntu chapter:

*Ubuntu One
*Viewing and Editing Photos

When we get all the sections in latex form, we will share a draft pdf
where you can proofread the newly finished sections and the latest
manual material.

So to recap our first priority now is to translate these 4 sections to
latex and then to proofread these sections and the whole manual. Stay
tuned :)

Thank you for your time and work, have a nice weekend :)

c7p @ #ubuntu-manual

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