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Status shotwell and microblogging


I have made a few changes (latex code) in
"viewing-and-editing-photos.tex", and added all the necessary codes  to
"microblogging.tex", which is based on microblogging:

I encounter a few problems with "microblogging.tex":

1. There already was a file "microblogging.tex" in the lp branch. This
one differs from the microblogging.tex I made from microblogging:
http://ubuntuone.com/77vsd3gpQLvXjGhUDHB5vH, so I get a conflict. I now
have microblogging.tex, .tex.BASE, .tex.OTHER and .tex.THIS on my PC. I
do not know if the old "microblogging.tex" should be replaced by
microblogging: http://ubuntuone.com/77vsd3gpQLvXjGhUDHB5vH or if the two
should be merged. So I will not push anything for the moment.

2. In the tex file "microblogging.tex" I have added links to 6
screenshots, which I had saved to folder Projects/oneiric/screenshots on
my pc. They are all in the pdf file main.pdf, but not where I placed the
links /screenshot{name.png}{ss:name}{description}. Perhaps, after I have
pushed this file to LP, someone with screenshot experience can see to it
that the screenshots will appear on the right spot. See the link to the
file below to see where the screenshots are supposed to be placed.


> We have some sections available for latex translation. If you could
> find some time and you can work on these
> shotwell : http://ubuntuone.com/1fLDwf7p2lFjXg9BDWsiQf
> microblogging: http://ubuntuone.com/77vsd3gpQLvXjGhUDHB5vH

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