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Screenshot instructions


To all,
Here are the instructions for making screenshots. If you still have questions, please send them to this mailing list.

Instructions for making screenshots

Display settings
Before you make your screenshots, check that you have the following
Theme: Ambiance (Standard)
Background: Ubuntu (Standard)
Color depth: 24-bit (Standard)
Resolution: 1024 x 768

Login under a new user
username Ubuntu

Making screenshots
PrintScreen button (keyboard): capture the whole desktop
Alt+PrintScreen: capture the active window
Screenshot program (type screenshot in the dash): select an area to capture

Save screenshots
File format: png
Filename: ##-short-name.png, where ## is the chapter number (01, 02
etc.) and 'short-name' is a short description of the screenshot.
The extension (.png) must be lowercase (i.e., *not* .PNG).
The filename much match the filename provided in the first parameter of
the \screenshot command (see Add your screenshots to the tex file below).
Save your screenshots in /home/Projects/ubuntu-manual-precise/screenshots/en

You can crop an image to remove a portion of the background for example.
Use Gimp Image Editor to crop. For more information on how to crop, go
to http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tutorial-quickie-crop.html

Add your screenshots to the tex file
\screenshot{02-launcher.png}{ss:launcher}{The Ubuntu 11.10 Launcher
Panel on the left with a sample of applications on it.}
{02-launcher.png} is the name of the saved image.
{ss:launcher} is the label used to reference the screenshot. See rules
for choosing a screenshot label below [1].
{The Ubuntu 11.10 launcher etc.} is the caption that appears next to the
image in the pdf file. The caption should be written so that the reader
can read the caption and look at the screenshot and know what is being
discussed. A caption like, "The Launcher," is less informative than,
"The Launcher appears automatically when you log in to your desktop, and
gives you quick access to the applications you use most often."

Send chapter with screenshots to the Launchpad branch
Make the pdf file on your computer and check that the screenshots are ok
and in the right place. Use the commands bzr add
screenshots/en/filename.png, commit -m, and push (See instructions on
http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors) to send your chapter with
screenshots to Launchpad.

In the main text,
you could say something like, "The launcher is shown in screenshot
\ref{ss:launcher}." LaTeX will replace \ref{ss:launcher} with the
screenshot number.
The rules for choosing a screenshot label are:
(a) Always begins with "ss:". This helps us keep screenshot labels
separate from chapter and section labels.
(b) No spaces. Words should be separated by hyphens.
(c) All lowercase.
(d) Words may contain *only* letters from the Latin alphabet (a–z) and
the hyphen (-). The label is *not* translated to other languages.
(e) Try to keep it short.
(f) The label must be unique – that is, there can not be another label
of the same name elsewhere in the document.