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Two questions: One about using Ground Control and one about Quickshot


Hello everyone,

I've got two questions (or more, depending on the answers). The first
one is how do we get groundcontrol working on Ubuntu 12.04 (for those
not aware, groundcontrol is a GUI implementation of the bzr system). I
get the login to launchpad screen, and log in. However, it just returns
to that screen --instead of going on to get my ssh key and other user

The second question is what would it take to package quickshot for the
precise repository (and quantal, since we'll most likely be working on
that shortly)?  The last repository in the quickshot-release branch is
maverick, and the iso on the Ubuntu-manual wiki page is for 10.04 (which
probably won't do much for us).

I guess a potential third question is what will it take to create
another stripped down iso based on 12.04?

If it's something that anyone could reasonably do, I may be interested
in taking it on.  I've got two days (until Monday evening Central Time
US) that I can kill on this.  Also I do have the source from the
Quickshot project downloaded to my computer (through bzr).

Have a great weekend. :)

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