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Re: Advanced Topics section


Hello Patrick,

> Managing Groups:
> Since this isn't an option anymore (thanks Unity :D), should I remove it
> entirely, or point the reader to the wiki pages on managing groups?
> Also, it can be done via the command line with groupadd and groupmod, I
> believe. So, should I cover that instead of the GUI?
> Actually the "Using the Command Line" section pretty much covers this
> for me. So, I think I'll just combine that with this section, and
> re-word it somehow.  My other option is just to re-word the existing
> sub-sections with the appropriate command line argument.

I think it would be good to cover how to add and manage groups even if the
command-line is the only way,
 also since it's an advanced topics chapter i think old school command-line
way is permissible :D.
A reword of the current section i think would work.

> Applying Groups to Files and Folders:
> Should I point out that you can only do this to files/folders that
> you're the owner of? At least that's my understanding of how it works
> (so if I'm wrong, please correct me).

 I think you can such make changes if you are root or the user that owns
the file/folder or a member of the file usergroup.
Also i think it would be good add a link of the wiki pages for those who
want to learn more about groups.

> I should have my revisions completed by tomorrow morning. If I don't
> have the screenshots tomorrow morning, I'll have them tomorrow night at
> the latest. In my terminal screenshot, I'm going to have a picture of it
> showing three commands "pwd", "uname -a" (for an example of arguments)
> and "cd /" (since it's one that is mentioned in the text). Unless you
> just want the default terminal window (what they see when they
> originally open it).
> Also, since I have multiple users in my system, how should I deal with
> that in the Users Settings screenshot? (leave them alone, blur them,
> black them out, etc)
For the screenshots i think that you could use a virtual machine, it's a
good solution.
The important part on screenshots is that they have to be captured
according to Hannie's instructions, let me know if you don't know about

Thank you for your time ! Keep up the good work !


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