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Re: Advanced Topics section


Hi John,

I submitted my revised version last night. Feel free to proof-read it and
suggest any changes, and I'll incorporate them tonight. As for the
screenshots, I'll be getting them today.  In fact, I may grab them right
now (as I'm on a the Live CD doing a reinstallation).

When I'm up and running again, I'll revise my chapter according to what
you've put in your reply here. I think the only thing I'll need to add is a
link to the groups pages in the Applying to Files and Folders subsection.

Have a great day:)

On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM, c7p <c7p.admin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Patrick,
>> Managing Groups:
>> Since this isn't an option anymore (thanks Unity :D), should I remove it
>> entirely, or point the reader to the wiki pages on managing groups?
>> Also, it can be done via the command line with groupadd and groupmod, I
>> believe. So, should I cover that instead of the GUI?
>> Actually the "Using the Command Line" section pretty much covers this
>> for me. So, I think I'll just combine that with this section, and
>> re-word it somehow.  My other option is just to re-word the existing
>> sub-sections with the appropriate command line argument.
> I think it would be good to cover how to add and manage groups even if the
> command-line is the only way,
>  also since it's an advanced topics chapter i think old school
> command-line way is permissible :D.
> A reword of the current section i think would work.
>> Applying Groups to Files and Folders:
>> Should I point out that you can only do this to files/folders that
>> you're the owner of? At least that's my understanding of how it works
>> (so if I'm wrong, please correct me).
>  I think you can such make changes if you are root or the user that owns
> the file/folder or a member of the file usergroup.
> Also i think it would be good add a link of the wiki pages for those who
> want to learn more about groups.
>> I should have my revisions completed by tomorrow morning. If I don't
>> have the screenshots tomorrow morning, I'll have them tomorrow night at
>> the latest. In my terminal screenshot, I'm going to have a picture of it
>> showing three commands "pwd", "uname -a" (for an example of arguments)
>> and "cd /" (since it's one that is mentioned in the text). Unless you
>> just want the default terminal window (what they see when they
>> originally open it).
>> Also, since I have multiple users in my system, how should I deal with
>> that in the Users Settings screenshot? (leave them alone, blur them,
>> black them out, etc)
> For the screenshots i think that you could use a virtual machine, it's a
> good solution.
> The important part on screenshots is that they have to be captured
> according to Hannie's instructions, let me know if you don't know about
> them.
> Thank you for your time ! Keep up the good work !
> --John

Smile.. Someone out there cares deeply for you.