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Hello Ubuntu Manual Team,

I am new here.

It was suggested that I introduce myself to you and volunteer to help
with proof-reading and cleaning up articles.

I would like to help out.

If you have any articles that you would like me to proof-read for
grammar, spelling and readability, I will be happy to help.

If I am posting in the wrong place, or if there is somewhere else I
should be looking to find articles, please point me in the right direction.

About me:
My English is good; I am an able article-writer; and I have frequently
proof-read for colleagues (in a different profession).
I contribute regularly to the Ubuntu Forums, and get involved (to a much
smaller extent) in Brainstorm and a couple of other areas.
I usually use British English (I live in England), but if you require me
to use American English, let me know.


Paddy Landau

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