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Re: Sections for latex conversion


2012/5/21 John <c7p.admin@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello all,
> Kev finished his section i.e the Getting Online and the Browsing the Web.
> These section are in LibreOffice form, in other words in odt format, and we
> need someone to add the latex mark up code and push them on the branch, or
> at least to add the mark up. The screenshots are available too !
> Let me know if you are interested !
> -John

Hello ! We've got many sections in LibreOfiice format that need to be
converted to tex format.
Here are the sections:

>From Desktop chapter
*Appearance section (after Nautilus till end of chapter)

>From Working with Ubuntu chapter

*Viewing and Editing Photos
*Browsing the web
*Getting Online
*Burning CDs and DVDs & Working with LibreOffice

Most of these sections have little or none changes from oneiric version,
(ie the current tex files of the sections). These sections have to be
converted to latex first, *then* the proofreading can be start on those.
For me it's crucial to have them translated ASAP in order to stay in the
schedule (proofreading, finishing touches) in other words we go steadily
and smoothly towards to the release of the manual in July, without delays
and if it's possible before the deadline.

Let me know via e-mail for which sections you are interested.

Thank you for your time and energy !


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