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panel or bar?


I am going to bother you again with an issue that I want to sort out for the next version.
Do we use the word "panel", "Top panel" or "Menu bar"?
Ubuntu Documentation (Help file) uses menu bar, e.g. click the sound menu on the menu bar.

In our manual I see this:

\newglossaryentry{notification area}{name={notification area}, description={The notification area is an applet on the panel that provides you with all sorts of information such as volume control, the current song playing in Rhythmbox, your Internet connection status and email status.}}

\newglossaryentry{panel}{name={panel}, description={A panel is a bar that sits on the edge of your screen. It contains \glspl{applet} which provide useful functions such as running programs, viewing the time, or accessing the main menu.}}

Any suggestions?

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