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Re: panel or bar?


On 07/07/12 08:38, Hannie Dumoleyn wrote:
> I am going to bother you again with an issue that I want to sort out
> for the next version.
> Do we use the word "panel", "Top panel" or "Menu bar"?
> Ubuntu Documentation (Help file) uses menu bar, e.g. click the sound
> menu on the menu bar.
> In our manual I see this:
> \newglossaryentry{notification area}{name={notification area},
> description={The notification area is an applet on the panel that
> provides you with all sorts of information such as volume control, the
> current song playing in Rhythmbox, your Internet connection status and
> email status.}}
> \newglossaryentry{panel}{name={panel}, description={A panel is a bar
> that sits on the edge of your screen. It contains \glspl{applet} which
> provide useful functions such as running programs, viewing the time,
> or accessing the main menu.}}
> Any suggestions?
> Hannie

I would stick with "panel", as I see that used, for example, in the
Ubuntu Forums. However, I would make several changes to the glossary as

\newglossaryentry{panel}{name={panel}, description={The panel is a bar
that stretches along the top edge of your screen. It contains
application menus (on the left, hidden until the mouse hovers over
them), and \glspl{applets} (on the right), which provide useful
functions such as the time, the network indicator, and the system


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