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Re: Searching for the word Glossary.


Hello, Carsten.

On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 10:30 AM, Carsten Gerlach <daswaldhorn@xxxxxx> wrote:
> You find in backmatter/glossary.tex the command
> - --------------------------------------------------------
> \printglossaries% [...]
> - --------------------------------------------------------
> Change this to
> - --------------------------------------------------------
> \printglossary[title=Glossar_sl,toctitle=Glossar_sl]%
> - --------------------------------------------------------
> and it will work.
> Until now I thought that Glossary is one of the key words like
> "Contents" or "Chapter" which are translated automatically by LaTeX
> itself using the "babel" package. I’m wondering that it isn’t. Does
> someone knows why?
> I will update this to the quantal branch, but not for precise-e2
> because this would need an update of the translation template on
> Launchpad. I expect, Kevin will not have much fun with this. :-)

Ack, no. Please don't.

The Glossary keyboard has a different translation setup and we have a
method for working with it already.  Please leave the \printglossaries
command as it stands.

I have to do some other work for a bit first, but I'll fill you in on
the details of this a bit later today.