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authoring and screenshot update


Hello all,

I have pushed up revision 33. At this point I have updated ubuntu one, and
verified its screenshots (made notes in the google spreadsheet).

I have also re-done much of the section
on Empathy (using-instant-messaging.tex), but still have a bit more tex
editing to do. All the screenshots however, are ready to go for this
section. I have taken *temporary screenshots* and uploaded them; they all
end in *-TEMP.png. These are in the google spreadsheet as well, and need to
be re taken--I took them from in a vm, but the screenshot was of the host
desktop. They also contain lots of my personal data that should not be

I will work on the rest of the using-instant-messaging.tex tomorrow, but
all the screenshots should be done at this point.

Let me know if you have any questions.