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Fwd: online accounts


-------- Origineel bericht --------
Onderwerp: 	online accounts
Datum: 	Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:36:21 +0200
Van: 	Hannie Dumoleyn <lafeber-dumoleyn2@xxxxxxxxx>
Aan: 	Tony Pursell <ajp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
CC: NL, Maillijst <ubuntu-l10n-nl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, c7p <c7p.admin@xxxxxxxxx>

Hello Tony,
Thanks a lot for proofreading/editing U1 and Microblogging.
I continue below:
Op 30-09-12 20:00, Tony Pursell schreef:

I have done edits for U1 and Microblogging sections.  I got Quantal
Beta 2 running in Virtual Box (very slowly!) so I was able to do some
checking on Microblogging.  What I found is a fundamental change in
the way accounts are now managed.  There is a single Online Accounts
manager, which is in System Settings, but called from Gwibber (Edit >
Accounts) as well.  The big difference is that if you now set up a
Facebook account, for instance, it gets set up for other apps, such as
Empathy, as well.  The Instant Messaging section says a little bit
more about the Online Accounts manager, but neither say that both apps
will be affected if you, say, remove an account.
Unfortunately, there was no author assigned to this chapter for the
Quantal version. You are right in what you say about the new feature
"Online accounts", which should be mentioned in this section too. Do you
think you can do it? If not, please let me know.

I have also noticed that the Instant Messaging section isn't finished
yet.  There are a number of places where '??' is in the text.

The ?? is not a serious problem. It means there is a reference to a
chapter/section that does not exist (perhaps a typo?). We will fix that.


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