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Second draft online for proofreading


Hello, everyone.

I've uploaded the latest draft of Getting Started with Ubuntu 12.10
for proofreading: <http://ubuntu-manual.org/proofread/gswu1210/en>

The goals of this draft:

1. Mark any grammatical or factual errors that you find.
2. Highlight in blue all the topics that appear on each page that
should be listed in the index. You don't have to worry about the
wording of the index entry, just highlight the topics present on that
3. Highlight in green all words that should appear in the glossary.
You don't have to write the glossary entries if you don't want to,
just highlight the words.

During this week, we will be indexing the manual, updating the
glossary, and taking the final screenshots. (Some screenshots may have
to be taken next week if there are feature-freeze or
user-interface-freeze exceptions.)

The deadline for this work is 8 October. At that time, we will post
the first draft for public feedback.

The current and upcoming milestones are:

Indexing phase (1 Oct – 8 Oct):
* Final screenshots are put in place
* The manual is indexed
* Glossary entries are edited and linked
* Public draft is released at the end of this phase

Public comments phase (8 Oct – 15 Oct):
* Comments and edits from the public are received and incorporated
into the manual
* Final draft is released at the end of this phase

Release phase (15 Oct – 18 Oct):
* The manual is prepared for release
* The manual is released at the end of this phase

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


--Kevin Godby