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Quantal translation template updated


Hello, everyone.


I just uploaded an updated Quantal translation template. We're having
some issues with printing our manual with lulu.com and I'm making some
minor adjustments. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Only two strings have changed:

#135:  "Video support capable of 1024$\times$768 resolution"

I replaced $\times$ with ×.

#257: "The Ubuntu Installer will start. Choose and enter a
``Username'' and ``Password.'' The password must be entered twice to
ensure accuracy. After choosing a password, click \button{Install}.
The Ubuntu Installer will download and install Ubuntu. This process
will take some time. The download file size is
$\approx$750~\acronym{MB}. After the installation is complete, click
\button{Finish} on the ``Completing the Ubuntu Setup Wizard'' screen
to reboot the computer.
Windows Installer}"

I replaced "$\approx$" with "approximately".

Both changes are to avoid using the Computer Modern math symbols which
may cause problems with lulu.com's printers.


In addition, I've replaced the Creative Commons icons with a different
font. The font we were using was of a type that may cause problems
with lulu.com's printers.  The new font may be downloaded for free
from <http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/presskit/cc-icons.ttf>.

To install this font, first create a ~/.fonts/ directory if it doesn't
already exist.  Copy that TTF file to your ~/.fonts directory.
Finally, run 'fc-cache -f ~/.fonts' to update your font cache. Now you
should be able to successfully build the PDF again.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm working with the lulu.com
support team to fix our manual so that it will work with their

--Kevin Godby

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