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Ubuntu 12.10 TeX Live packages


Hello, everyone.

The TeX Live packages found in the Ubuntu 12.10 should be sufficient
to compile the manual. This means that you don't need to install TeX
Live manually any more.  (That is, assuming we don't require a newer
version of a TeX package than what is packaged with Ubuntu. At the
moment, the manual compiles successfully with the Ubuntu packages.)

The install-pkgs.sh script (found in the pkgs/ subdirectory of the
raring branch) now knows how to install the Ubuntu 12.10 TeX Live
packages.  In addition, it can download and install the new Creative
Commons icon font that we'll be using.

Whether you're using the upstream TeX Live or the Ubuntu 12.10
packages, running the install-pkgs.sh script will check to ensure that
all the required packages and fonts are installed on your system.  If
any packages or fonts are missing, it will install them for you.

If you have any trouble running the script or have any questions,
please let me know.