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Re: Official return


Hello Jason,
Speaking for the Ubuntu Manual Team, welcome back!
Rick is no longer working for us, but you find all the current contributors in the latest version of the manual (12.10). We will soon start working on the raring version. We are always in need of contributors, especially authors and editors. I will quote the opening paragraph of the getinvolved page on ubuntu-manual.org: We’re lucky to be able to provide many roles to cater for everyone’s interests. Hopefully you’ll find something that you’re interested in below. If not, let us know and we can create a role for you!

Op 03-01-13 01:22, Jason Odoom schreef:


Back in August of 2011 (God that was a long time) I *temporarily left the Ubuntu community. Now in 2nd January, 2013 I am sending this message to notify all of my return. Now that everything has settled down, I can continue serving/contributing to the community. Hopefully I can still be accepted with open arms due to my hiatus.

Thank you,

Jason Odoom

> Ubuntu Manual (Rick): I cannot promise to show up for meetings, but since I have a job in marketing, it would be easy to publicize meeting dates and what not. I will still be involved with the team in that way, so emailing me what needs to be publicized would be nice (individually-remember the mailing list filter please).