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Re: ms ubuntu manual screenshot


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Hi Susah,

first of all I have to say sorry. I read your mail yesterday but
forgot to answer. :-/

Am 08.01.2013 18:35, schrieb Susah Sebut:
> first of all, sorry for the delay on getting the screenshot, I've
> just got back from outstation for 3 days. Then trying to figure out
> few things regarding Virtual Box since I'm not very familiar with
> it.

Don’t worry about any "delay". You have no dead line, so there is no
delay. :-) Do you have any problems with your Virtual Box? For me its
easier to use a fresh user account. So you can generate most of the
screenshots without a VM.

> So, regarding the screenshot, for any screenshot that ms language
> are not available, eg; installation, firefox, thunderbox etc ( 
> still don't know yet what are other apps that also doesn't have ms
> language since I've been taking screenshot up until empathy only), 
> do i have to take the screenshot? or the existing one already
> available in launchpad (in english) can be use instead?

Yes, the English screenshots should be used in this case. But you have
to copy them to your ms directory. There is no link to the English
version as a fall back.

Greetings, Carsten

PS: You can also write a bug report against the applications which are
not translated into Malay. So for the next Ubuntu manual version there
will be hopefully a translated screenshot available.

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