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Re: Raring series authors and openings


I 've sent e-mails to some blogs and also to the ubuntu weekly newsletter
so the news get spread. Jason also sent mail to omgUbuntu.
If you can share the announcement though social media or your blog that
would help also for sure [1].
Excuse me for for the delay in searching for new authors.


We'll wait 5-6 more days for new people to apply for the openings.
I have in mind the offer for new sections from Mike, Patrick and Mehmet
but i'll wait a bit more to make sure that everyone will take the section
that much to them and to the needs of author team.

In the meanwhile, authors can download the alpha version and see what's
new, test things etc.

I have to mention is that a nice idea is to be opened a new discussion
topic for the changes in new Ubuntu release.

Have a great week !