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Raring series authors and openings


Hello all,

it's time to announce the openings that we have in author team !
Before that i would be good for existing authors to assure (by reply to
this message) that everything is ok on spreadsheet
For your convenience i post here the sections/chapter by author name

[C] for chapter, [s] for section

Hannie               *Prologue [C], *Nautilus [s], *Appearance [s]
Mario Burgos    *Installation chapter, *Ubuntu One [s]
John Cave        *Ubuntu Desktop environment [s], *The Dash/Search
Bar/browsing files [s]
Sayantan Das  *HUD [s], *Hardware and Preferences [C]
Vibhav Pant      *The Launcher [s], *Using Software center [s]
Joel Pickett       * Listening to Music [s], *Other sources[s]
Mike Romard    *Getting Online [s]
Patrick Dickey   *Advanced Topics [C]

Don't forget to send me a reply this information is valid !

*Now for the openings*, the are available chapters/section are:

>From the "The Ubuntu Desktop" chapter the:
* The Dash/Search Bar/browsing files section

>From the "Working with Ubuntu" chapter the sections:
*Viewing and Editing Photos
*Reading and composing mail
*Browsing the web
*Burning CDs and DVDs
*Working with LibreOffice

The "Troublshooting" chapter

The "Learning more" chapter

For the last 2 chapters, we can split them into sections if contributors
can't manage the whole chapter one their own.

So these are the openings. Let me know if you are interested in any section
I think by the time the jobs/openings page is updated, you can start
sharing via social media, blogs etc. the call for new authors.

@Kevin: Could you update the jobs page with the above info ?


Thank you for your time all ! Let's get rolling !


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