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Re: Edits to 'Working with Ubuntu' done...with questions.


Op 30-03-13 00:19, Jim Connett schreef:

1) Is a lens considered a 'button' or an 'application' for the purpose of proper markup in tex?
Good question, Jim.

First of all, what is a lens?
The Dash allows you to search for information. This is accomplished by utilizing one or more lenses
In the Dash you can click on one of the lenses at the bottom of Dash Home to get filtered search results. So you click on the \button{video lens} button (or video lens icon) to start the search for videos filter.

In the following example I find the word lens a bit awkward
......\application{Firefox} the \menu{workspace switcher} lens, any mounted devices, and, of course, the always-important \menu{Trash} lens..... Should we call the Workspace Switcher and Trash icons on the Starter lenses? And are they menus? Perhaps leaving the word "lens" and tag \menu out here would be better.

Let's see what our fellow team members think.


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