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Re: Issues with edits


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Hi Jim,

Am 08.04.2013 06:53, schrieb Jim Connett:
> Secondly, I've added the /icon tag in place of the /lens tag in the
> Ubuntu Desktop section, however, this prevents the make file from
> working correctly; at every /icon tag, it throws an error. I can
> get by the error simply by pressing <enter>, but this recovery is
> less-than-ideal. Is there something I need to do on my end to make
> this work or is this a problem elsewhere?

Well, the command \icon is not defined. You get the error message
"Undefined control sequence." So remove this command and it will work
again. The command \lens is still valid and can be used.

> Thirdly, the current version is 101 in bzr, but, for whatever
> reason, I can PULL but not PUSH on the laptop I'm using. If someone
> can push out 101, I'd appreciate it. I'll get back on my main
> system tomorrow night.

Well, I'm not a bzr guru, but maybe you can not PUSH, because your
ssh-key on LP fits only with your main system and not with the laptop?
And the current version is 100, not 101. Maybe you see 101 because you
made a commit, but we do not see it, because the PUSH does not work...

> Sorry for all the problems.

Don't worry, we will always try to help you. :-)

Greetings, Carsten
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