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Issues with edits


Good evening all,

With Kevin's help, I finally got bzr to work correctly, but this required
me to do an "uncommit" on my errant branch. Now that I'm back onto the main
branch, I'm looking through version 100 in the Ubuntu Desktop section and
am concerned about some of the edits I now see (edits I did not do). In
doing an uncommit, I've also lost the edits I had in place (which were
replaced by edits in version 100, so I did my best to rip through the
section again and try to remember where all the edits needed to occur, but
to be honest, I've lost confidence in this section and will require a
couple more days to look it over again.

Secondly, I've added the /icon tag in place of the /lens tag in the Ubuntu
Desktop section, however, this prevents the make file from working
correctly; at every /icon tag, it throws an error. I can get by the error
simply by pressing <enter>, but this recovery is less-than-ideal. Is there
something I need to do on my end to make this work or is this a problem

Thirdly, the current version is 101 in bzr, but, for whatever reason, I can
PULL but not PUSH on the laptop I'm using. If someone can push out 101, I'd
appreciate it. I'll get back on my main system tomorrow night.

Sorry for all the problems. This iteration has proven less than
satisfactory for a host of reasons. I hope by the middle of the week, I'll
have regained the confidence in my edits. Of course, I invite anyone to
read over the section, making edits where necessary.


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