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Re: editors phase raring


On 8 April 2013 21:14, Carsten Gerlach <daswaldhorn@xxxxxx> wrote:

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> Hi Jim,
> Am 08.04.2013 18:53, schrieb Jim Connett:
> > I've been operating under the impression over the last two weeks
> > that there was a "screenshots team". I must have missed the update
> > that we (authors/editors) are now doing the screenshots. I won't be
> > able to get to screenshots in the sections I'm editing until this
> > weekend. If someone can do it before then, then please feel free.
> Well, maybe we missed to post this clearly to the mailing list. Hannie
> and I had a conversion some days ago about this topic and we came to
> the conclusion, that the authors/editors know best what they want to
> show, so they should make the schreenshots. But of course, if there
> are some problems, we will help out.
> So don't worry, we will make them for you.
> Greetings, Carsten

I'm sure I am going to need more time for my edits, so I could do with some
help with screen prints.

I have found two areas of change that need to be addressed, which is
requiring extra time for editing the sections that I've volunteered for,
but I want to mention them here as they affect other other parts of the
manual as well.

First, there is a change to the behaviour of the Messaging menu.  The
'envelope' icon will not appear at all in the indicator area if none of the
applications that use the Messaging menu are in use.  And, even when the
'envelope' icon is showing in the indicator area, applications will not
appear in the menu unless they are in use.  This means, that if, for
instance, you want to use Thunderbird, you have to find it in the Dash,
initially, and set up a mail account in it, for it to appear in the menu.
The is a major change of procedure compared to 12.10.

Second, the Online Accounts manager has been upgraded to include ON/OFF
switches for each of the applications that an account is integrated with.
This mean, for instance, that Facebook can be followed in Gwibber without
having all one's Facebook contacts showing in Empathy.  In general, it
means that you don't now have to delete the online account to stop it
affecting a particular application (which stopped me from upgrading to
12.10).  You only need to set the application's switch to OFF.  It also
means that the \marginnote that I added to various sections, to warn of the
wider effect of Adding/Removing online account, can be deleted.

I will be updating the sections on Empathy and Gwibber to reflect these
changes.  I hope the authors/editors of other affected sections will update