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Re: A Little Help


Hi Thomas,

My answers are inline to your questions...

On Sun, 2013-06-02 at 21:37 -0400, Thomas Corwin wrote: 
> Hello everyone!
> I have a few questions for you all. They will all help with the Wine section of the manual. 
> 1. Do you use a Windows OS?

Only when I have to :D (I do have both XP and Windows 7 installed on my
main desktop--although I usually run Lubuntu, and I do use it at the
college that I'm tutoring/teaching at).

> 2. If so, what Program(s) do you use the most?

In my personal case, aside from browsers and Skype (which have Linux
versions), I'd have to say Office, Cyberlink PowerDVD, SWLog (not in
production and not compatible with Wine at all), and maybe Netflix
(which there's a ppa that will configure WiNE and set up the desktop for

> And, I have 1 question that is partially unrelated.
> 1. What are the top 3-4 most commonly used flavour of Ubuntu? (Ex. Lubuntu, Mythbuntu, etc.)

If I had to guess, I'd go in this order: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu,
Gnome(Ubuntu-Gnome), Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Edubuntu.  For me personally,
it's Lubuntu, Ubuntu, Mythbuntu and are there any others really???? :P

> Thank you all in advanced for your answers. :)
> Thomas Corwin

Have a great day.:)